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Bunka vision

What are we aiming at ?

Information has become the new highly demanded commodity of the 21st century. Human decision-making processes heavily rely on it. High quality, clear, and unbiased information leads to a better representation of the world and thus lets individuals make better choices.

More recently, a part of this decision-making process is being done by autonomous intelligent agents: they answer customers, they classify information, they create content, they analyze your news and many other tasks that humans used to do. This new intermediation between humans and the world keeps rising as autonomous agents (AI) become more and more task-specific, helping businesses and individuals in every area of life. Not surprisingly, those AIs also rely on high quality, clear and unbiased information to make informed decisions, similar to humans. 

In human and AI decision-making processes, information is the new gold.

But today, it seems as if the quantity of information is synonymous with quality. Creators of AI models highlight the huge amounts of (private) data they train their model on as a proxy for intelligence. Limits of this approach are starting to emerge: flawed results stemming from messy data, illegal training from private data, biases in the training sets, lack of transparency and the environmentally damaging effects of heavy computing make it impossible to keep things as they are. The cost of unbiasing and correcting flawed models to align with society’s values and new regulation increases drastically.

While AI algorithms and computing architectures have been advancing quickly, innovation related to information management has been lagging behind. No efficient system exists to optimally display, clean and organize information. Often, data cleaning is being done manually by humans leading to uncertain results or not being done at all: highly-specialized individuals end-up doing manual tasks for hours, leading to a waste of skilled resources.

So what can be done?

Bunka aims to revolutionize the field of knowledge management by creating the first Exploration Engine using the latest advancements in AI & Cognitive Science. As opposed to a Search Engine, the objective is not to find a specific insight in a large quantity of data but rather to help you explore, manipulate and refine very large chunks of information with an efficient ergonomic system that gives you birds-eyes point of view on your data. Bunka’s Innovative tools let you control the bias of your data while keeping individuals in the loop ensuring that you and your models learn from the best curated information.

As a result, autonomous & non-autonomous agents can efficiently learn from refined domain-specific high-quality data and make better decisions, with the assurance that those decisions are based on the best and complete information available.

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