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Supported by the French Ministry of Culture, the Culture Pass was born out of the desire to offer young people a scheme to promote access to culture in order to strengthen and diversify the cultural practices of individuals aged 15 to 20.

The scheme allows young people between the ages of 18 and 20 to benefit from €300 that they can spend on a variety of physical or digital cultural offers: films, novels, mangas, concerts, video games, musical instruments, etc.








At the beginning of 2022, the application has exceeded one million users, more than 11,000 partners are referenced (local authorities, cultural actors) with more than 6 million reservations.

Pass Culture used Bunka's technology to evaluate the impact of its system and to measure the diversification of cultural practices in a rigorous and precise manner. Bunka's technology makes it possible to measure the distance of use between two cultural products (how much they are consumed by different users).



This process demonstrated that, indeed, when using Pass Culture, young people are moving away from their "comfort zone" and exploring new products, very different from what they are used to consuming. As Mandy Lamas, Head of Studies & Research at Culture pass writes, "When we look at the evolution of the diversification score according to the length of time users have been using the Culture Pass, we see that young people diversify their cultural practices throughout their use of the device."

Average diversification delta by monthly booking cohort.

Full report here (in French).

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