Empowering data exploration & discoverability through Collective & Artificial Intelligence.

Social Information is a territory that can be explored with a map.

BUNKA is a software architecture project focusing on a new generation search engine based on recent research in cognitive science (by leveraging collective intelligence and visualization) and computational sciences (automatic language processing and machine learning). 


A research-driven technology 

 Bunka started as a research project led by cognitive scientists and data scientists from international-level research labs, and received funding from the CNRS Innovation Program and the Paris AI Research Institute.

Bunka - map.png

Aggregating Information

We collect information from different sources of the Web 1 & the Web 2 (Social Media, News, Wikipedia, Scientific Literature...)


Our aim is to is make some already-existing content more visible to the user

Mapping & Visualizing infomration Information

We display information in a way that is cognitively understandable to the human mind and easy to explore.

Embedding Information

We use the latest Natural Language Processing & Networks's algorithms to find similarity between thousands of documents

Use Cases

Understand the capabilities of Bunka through Use Cases