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Empowering People’s Search
Collective Intelligence and Information Geometry

Social Information is a territory that can be explored with a map.

BUNKA is a software architecture project using recent research in cognitive science (leveraging collective intelligence and visualization) and computer science (automatic language processing and machine learning) to build the next generation of search engines.


A research-driven technology

Bunka started as a research-driven project led by cognitive scientists and data scientists from PSL University, and received funding from the CNRS Innovation Program and the Paris AI Research Institute.

Bunka - map.png

Aggregating Information

We collect information from different sources on the Web (Social Media, News, Wikipedia, Scientific Literature...)


Our aim is to make some already-existing content more visible to the user

Mapping & Visualizing  Information

We display information in a way that is cognitively understandable to the human mind and easy to explore.

Embedding Information

We use the latest Natural Language Processing & Networks's algorithms to find similarity between millions of documents

Use Cases

Understand the capabilities of Bunka through Use Cases

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